2016: emails, texting, landlines, 24 hour news. Panic, the mobile is lost, the computer systems crash; there is no signal; the charger does not fit. And on and on it goes. Instant communication, no pause for thought, no pause for consideration. Slow down – think communication again. In times past a visit to a neighbour to pass on news, or a longer walk to a nearby town to do the same. The writing of a postcard or a letter, these being carried by train, horse, or boat overseas.

Church Bells have communicated over many centuries. The news of a death – for whom the bell tolls; wedding bells, and the celebration of a new born; bells to ring out celebrations for the village as a whole. The Sunday call to church, with parishioners hurrying over fields to arrive on time. For some in times of flood, the bells would warn of danger. But – no instant rush, time for reflection – for happiness or sadness, for longing to have news of those who travelled far and wide. Maybe a sense of safety and belonging to known places.This time the Church Bells give news of Chiddingly Festival 2016 and we celebrate this – both the Bells and the Festival. With thanks to Tim Waterman and the band of Ringers.

Full Peal: Thursday 22nd September
Starts: 6.30pm
Venue: Chiddingly Church
Event Director: Bea Gatrell